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Group insurance for companies

Health is considered a person’s greatest asset. As a responsible employer, you will not only feel very strongly about your own health, but also that of your staff.

With a company group insurance at DKV Luxembourg, you will distinguish yourself as a dedicated and caring employer in the eyes of your employees. Because effective foresight is essential if the sickness rate and attendant costs for your company are to remain low.

Which is why DKV Luxembourg offers comprehensive insurance options in its group contract solutions that will do much more than the statutory health insurance.

Our benefits

With a group insurance, you as the employer take care of your employees’ insurance contributions for medical expenses. This way you provide your workforce with an extension of their health insurance in many areas that are not or only partially covered by their statutory health insurance. The group contract specifically developed for your company offers you the possibility of insuring all your employees without medical check-ups and waiting periods. Your company’s employees are hence accepted mandatorily and without filing individual applications.

The group contract solutions of DKV Luxembourg offer comprehensive insurance options that far exceed those of the statutory health insurance.

Examples of insurable groups

  • All employees of a company
  • Hierarchical groups of a company (e.g. managers, directors)
  • Professional associations (lawyers, engineers)
  • Societies

Benefits for your employees

  • Cost coverage for inpatient treatment
  • “1st class” patient in hospital
  • Free choice of doctor/dentist
  • Cost coverage for alternative treatments (e.g. naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors)
  • Senior physician treatment
    High coverage for dental treatment, dental prostheses
  • Cost coverage for visual aids
  • Europe-wide protection, unlimited in time
  • One month protection outside Europe

Plus-points for you

  • Group insurance is an attractive benefit that really ties employees to your business.
  • Strengthens the health awareness and commitment of your staff.
  • Effective health insurance is essential if sickness rates and the attendant costs for your company are to remain permanently low.
  • Pay rise without non-wage labour costs.
  • Premiums are tax-deductible as business expenses.

At a glance

  • Guaranteed acceptance of all employees
  • No medical check-ups of persons to be insured
  • Immediate insurance cover (no waiting periods)
  • Low premiums thanks to large group discount
  • Simplified acceptance by registration at group rates
  • Favourably priced co-insurance of family members possible

Useful complements

BEST CARE –  Immediate help in emergencies

Supplementary insurance for a guaranteed referral to a specialist.

Nobody likes being ill – and least of all being seriously ill. But what happens if there is a serious or even life-threatening illness? Acting quickly is of the essence! Your health is at stake, after all, or that of your child! With BEST CARE, we will get you to a top expert as quickly as possible in case of a serious illness.


Our products are also available from the LALUX Group and ERGO.


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