Dear Customers,

We wish you and your family all the best in the current difficult times. As your partner, we will continue to assist you even in this special situation.

Costs for treatment required as a result of a COVID-19 disease are covered by our medical expenses insurance according to the agreed rates. Costs that are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance company in this connection are also covered in accordance with the rate conditions.

For customers who have taken out a contract for medical expenses insurance within the past three months, the general waiting period will not apply. In the event of COVID-19 disease, we will provide cover from the first day of the insurance, and you will be able to reach us through the usual channels without any restrictions.

Your inquiries reach us fastest and safest via the yourDKV customer portal. If you have not yet applied for access, we will be happy to provide you with it directly here.

Take good care of yourself and your family!
DKV Luxembourg S.A.