DKV Luxembourg

DKV Luxembourg S.A. has served as a powerful and reliable partner for a great number of insured people in Luxembourg since 1981. Our broad product range extends from minimal protection via travel insurance through to full insurance – both at home and abroad.

Continuous market analysis ensures that our clients benefit from high-quality products that are constantly adapted to changes in the market. Our development of new products is always clearly focused on the client’s needs, which also form the basis for our dedicated consultancy and customer-oriented services.


For us, good and fair insurance cover means that the equivalence principle applies. Which also means that you only need to pay as much as you wish to make use of in services. To do this, you can pick and choose from a type of modular system with us. We will jointly consider what suits you best and then customize your insurance cover accordingly.

In a constant process

In the world of health insurance, the adage that “the customer is always right” presents a unique challenge. Opting for a health insurance is a decision for life. If you are to decide correctly as the customer, you will need competent consultants. Which is why we place great demands on our employees who need to justify themselves every day. We attach great importance to the thorough training of our specialists and executives. And our success proves us right. As market leader in the field of health insurance, we promise you to continue keeping the ball rolling where quality assurance and competitiveness are concerned.



Start as the foreign branch of DKV Germany in Luxembourg
Mandataire Général: Horst Baumeister


Conversion into DKV Luxembourg S.A.
Administrateur Délégué: Horst Baumeister

since 1997

at the address Avenue J.-F. Kennedy, Luxemburg-Kirchberg

07.1999 - 12.2005

Administrateur Délégué: Bjarke Thorøe


Start of the partnership with the oldest insurance company in Luxembourg: La Luxembourgeoise


Start of the collaboration with the Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL)

01.2006 - 03.2014

Administrateur Délégué: Georg Niederehe

04.2009 - 03.2015

Affiliation with Munich Health, a globally engaged brand of Munich Re

since 03.2013

represented at 3 locations
43, av. J.-F. Kennedy, Luxembourg-Kirchberg
46A, av. J.-F. Kennedy, Luxembourg-Kirchberg
11-13, rue Jean Fischbach, Leudelange

06.2014 - 05.2015

Administrateur Délégué: Stefan Pelger


100% integration in the LALUX-Group

since 06.2015

Chief Executive Officer: Stefan Pelger


If large and professionally engaged enterprises establish a partnership, they can change the balance of power in the market.


Two strong partners for Schéi Vakanz

Falling ill or, even worse, having an accident is something nobody likes to think about when they are planning their holiday. But if it should happen on a trip abroad, it will be good to know that a reliable partner will cover the costs. With the tailor-made package “Schéi Vakanz SL”, DKV Luxembourg offers all travellers of the Sales-Lentz-Group the right insurance cover for enjoying the greatest time of the year without worries, and that from the very first day.



No one would deny that sport is good for your health. The interest in leisure sports and organized sports has been rising continuously for years. DKV Luxembourg considers this development essential for the mental well-being of every human being. We have been promoting the maintenance of health for years as a sponsor and are additionally also supporting needy institutions with donations. We are continuously expanding this commitment.

DKV-Urban Trail

The DKV Urban Trail is a nature and urban run for people of all ages wishing to experience a social sports adventure regardless of their performance and station in life.

The foundation for the DKV Urban Trail was laid by José Azevedo, 4-time marathon champion of Luxembourg and third in the 2007 trail world championship. The first starting signal for the track event, which unites runners and Nordic walkers from Luxembourg and abroad over distances of 13, 27 and 34 km or 13 km, respectively, was given on May 30, 2010.