Keeping fit at Luxfit
Join Luxfit now and you can save 20% if you are a DKV customer!

Luxfit – keeping fit at our two fitness studios in Leudelange and Junglinster. Our unique approach gives you your own personal trainer who will support you and monitor your progress against the targets you agree together. Your bespoke training programme is the key to unlocking your success. What’s more, how you eat plays a substantial role in our overall approach. Nutrition plans and tips are a must.

DKV Luxembourg and Luxfit encourage individual and integrated health management. DKV customers who are interested will receive a one-off reimbursement on their Luxfit subscription. You must have had one training session per week over a period of six months in order to qualify – this equates to four training sessions per month.

How can you take advantage of this discount?

After Luxfit confirms that the training sessions have been completed, DKV Luxembourg will make a one-off reimbursement of 20% on the paid up six-month subscription (including bespoke service fee).

Who is eligible?

This offer applies only to persons insured as individuals or as part of a group insurance policy with DKV Luxembourg. Persons with short-term policies only (e.g. the Travel health insurance) are not eligible. All that is required for proof of eligibility is to present your DKVMedicard to Luxfit.

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