perspactive is an institution based in Uebersyren, Luxembourg, offering a specialised holistic health concept. In addition to traditional physiotherapy and osteopathy for acute follow-up treatment of health conditions, perspactive also offers its customers an effective health package. Based on scientifically proven knowledge, tailored health training units are devised to help improve health and boost well-being.

DKV Luxembourg and perspactive support tailored, holistic health management in keeping with the motto:  “Change your perspective and broaden your horizon. Become active and remain healthy!”

Two programmes can be selected from perspactive’s varied services. Interested DKV customers can complete these at an exclusive special price:


Programme 1 „DKV mOve“

  • Measuring of mobility at the start and end of the programme with mobee
  • Mobility training with flexx (8 training units)
  • Progress documentation pre-test and post-test

Special price for DKV customers: EUR 199 (instead of EUR 257)

Programme 2 „Check Up Premium“

  • Measuring of isometric force and mobility with EasyTorque
  • Evaluation and interpretation

Special price for DKV customers: EUR 99 (instead of EUR 118)

How to benefit from a discount as a DKV customer?

You will be entitled to the special price at perspactive  on presentation of your DKVMedicard. To register for these test programmes, and for all further information, please contact:
Perspactive S.à.r.l. | 22, rue de Mensdorf | L-5380 Uebersyren
T: +352 27 91 92 50 | E-Mail: |


Who is eligible?

This offer applies only to persons insured as individuals or as part of a group insurance policy with DKV Luxembourg. Persons with short-term policies only (e.g. the TRAVEL health insurance) are not eligible.