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Are you planning a longer private or professional stay abroad and looking for full or supplementary insurance cover? – We can offer you flexible solutions, please contact one of our client consultants!


BEST CARE –  Immediate help in emergencies

Supplementary insurance for a guaranteed referral to a specialist.

Nobody likes being ill – and least of all being seriously ill. But what happens if there is a serious or even life-threatening illness? Acting quickly is of the essence! Your health is at stake, after all, or that of your child! With BEST CARE, we will get you to a top expert as quickly as possible in case of a serious illness.


TRAVEL – Travel carefree from € 0.75 per person per day

Travel gives you the desire for more. For more adventure, more experiences, more life… Security and safety is a basic human need also abroad. Whether on vacation or for a short business trip abroad, with our travel health insurance, you are perfectly covered worldwide.




VISIT – Welcome to Luxembourg

Are you planning a trip to Luxembourg? Whether going on holiday or for just a temporary residency, the risk of illness or accident goes with you Good, if you can rely on your international travel insurance!



PLUS HEALTH – The safe supplement

A hospital stay, dental prostheses, drugs, or a pair of new glasses – there are often costs that are not or only partly covered by your statutory health insurance. With PLUS HEALTH, we offer health insurance cover that avoids the risk of excessive costs. Whether it is the freedom to choose your doctor, treatment as a private patient in hospital or high-quality dental prostheses – the choice is yours!

With PLUS HEALTH, we offer you health insurance that suits your personal life situation, requirements, and income!


COMPLETE HEALTH – Safe full coverage

With Complete, we offer you a comprehensive health insurance that gives you independence from the statutory insurance.
Be it a free choice of doctor or high-quality dental prosthesis – with us you are a first-class patient!


HOSPITAL PLUS – Make provisions with us

A hospital stay is not only a disconcerting event, but often also brings an additional financial burden. Our hospital per diem insurance HOSPITAL PLUS enables you to make provisions. And that from the first to the last day of your stay.




EU PLUS – Be Safe throughout Europe

Just think of dental prostheses, a new pair of glasses, a hearing aid, or inpatient treatment – even as a civil servant employed with the European Union you usually don’t get a full 100 percent reimbursement of the health costs incurred. To make up for the coverage gap arising in case of an illness, EU PLUS offers simple supplementary coverage for you and your family members to cover the costs that remain after reimbursement by the EU.

With EU PLUS, you will always choose a reasonable supplemental insurance that covers your health costs and those of your family members by up to 100 percent!



COMPACT HEALTH – A winning combination

There is an ever-increasing need to insure against health and financial risks. By choosing COMPACT HEALTH, you address many of the gaps in cover with statutory health insurance. Choosing COMPACT HEALTH is a good decision, as it offers you benefits that statutory health insurance covers only partly or not at all.



EASY HEALTH – Specifically for Luxembourg

Facing the future and meeting the growing demand for protection by private health insurance is our speciality. As the no. 1 in the industry and market leader in the Grand Duchy, we have developed EASY HEALTH as an exclusive product for people domiciled in Luxembourg. EASY HEALTH is a supplementary policy to Luxembourg’s statutory health insurance.



HOSPITAL HEALTH – A solid basis

Nobody likes to be ill. But what happens when you have to go to hospital? Not only is your health a worry, but the expense can be too. We offer health insurance that covers all the extra costs that arise when hospitalised.



Protection that unites

Health can be regarded as the greatest asset any individual can have, and therefore it also applies to your human capital – in other words, your employees. Being a responsible employer, you certainly put as much importance on your staff’s health as on your own.


CONTINUE PLUS – We will come to your rescue

As a self-employed person or freelancer you are your own boss and hence also responsible for your success!