Additional coverage

COMPACT HEALTH – Additional protection for holders of a statutory insurance

There is an ever-increasing need to insure against health and financial risks. By choosing COMPACT HEALTH, you address many of the gaps in cover with statutory health insurance. Choosing COMPACT HEALTH is a good decision, as it offers you benefits that statutory health insurance covers only partly or not at all.


PLUS HEALTH – The safe supplement

A hospital stay, dental prostheses, drugs, or a pair of new glasses – there are often costs that are not or only partly covered by your statutory health insurance. With PLUS HEALTH, we offer health insurance cover that avoids the risk of excessive costs. Whether it is the freedom to choose your doctor, treatment as a private patient in hospital or high-quality dental prostheses – the choice is yours!


HOSPITAL PLUS – Make provisions with us

A hospital stay is attended by many extra costs – for example for the telephone, television or a subsequent stay at a health resort. HOSPITAL PLUS will unburden you with an extra for every day, free for you to use as you wish on 30 calendar days in the month.