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VISIT - Welcome to Luxembourg

Travel carefree in the Grand Duchy with our travel health insurance VISIT

Outpatient, inpatient or at the dentist - optimal protection in Luxembourg


is your

offers you

is for you if


  • Free choice of doctor
  • Medical treatment
  • Pharmaceutical products and bandages
  • Medical remedies are considered to be the services of nationally certified therapists or massage-physiotherapists
  • Medical aids that are required for the first time because of an accident that occurred during your stay in Luxembourg
  • Transport for medical purposes to the nearest emergency doctor or hospital by recognized rescue services


  • Free choice among public and private hospitals
  • Medical services
  • Hospital services
  • Transport to the nearest hospital
  • Access to the best possible inpatient care at home and abroad, even without advance payment from the statutory health insurance scheme


  • Free choice of dentist
  • Pain-relieving treatment in the mouth and tooth area
  • Dental fillings

You can find more information here in our detailed information sheet (IPID).