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Glasses, contacts or laser eye surgery?

Your new glasses or contact lenses are reimbursed every two years up to €500. In addition, you can also benefit from a refund of up to €3,000 for laser eye surgery.

Never fear a dental bill again

Whether it's dental care, a crown or orthodontic treatment, you are covered even when compulsory health insurance does not intervene.

Benefit from outpatient curative treatment

This guarantee covers, among other things, medical services, but also physiotherapy and alternative treatment methods. The services of midwives are also included in the range of services.

First-class patient at the hospital

Inpatient treatment is covered. As a first-class patient in hospital, you will be treated by the chief physician and will even receive a daily hospitalization allowance

BEST CARE⁺ covers you in an emergency

It guarantees you an appointment with a specialist within 5 working days, a detailed recommendation or a second opinion in an emergency. In addition, if an operation is necessary, the appointment will be arranged for you.
Let professionals take care of you in case of a severe diagnosis.

The TRAVEL⁺ guarantee included in your policy

You are insured during your travels in Europe and the world. In the event of accident or illness, the costs of treatment abroad are covered. Enjoy your holidays with peace of mind!

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