Direct billing of laboratory analyses at BioneXt LAB

Direct billing of laboratory analyses at BioneXt LAB

These laboratory analyses are therefore free of charge:

Serum iron analysis

  • The serum iron test measures the amount of iron in the blood. With the help of this laboratory analysis, it is possible to determine whether anaemia is due to iron deficiency or another disease.
  • The blood analysis is also used to measure transferrin saturation in the diagnosis of haemochromatosis. Haemochromatosis is a disease in which there is excessive and toxic uptake of iron in certain organs.

Homosysteine analysis

  • The laboratory analysis is also carried out to examine people at high vascular risk (e.g. heart, brain, thromboembolism).
  • The blood analysis is also used to detect vitamin B deficiency (B6, B9, B12).

Anti-ovalbumin analysis

  • Ovalbumin is a protein which is found in egg white. This blood test can therefore be used to determine the IgG level (in case of a protein allergy) and the likelihood of such food intolerance can be checked directly and clearly.

This is how the direct transfer of costs for the abovementioned laboratory analyses works:

  • Your attending physician prescribes one of these three laboratory analyses.
  • Benefit from the mobile service Picken Doheem for biological sampling provided by BioneXt LAB. Punctual, free of charge, accessible to all (residents and cross-border workers) – with Picken Doheem you can make your blood sample at an address of your choice:
  • On presentation of your DKVMedicard, BioneXt LAB will settle the laboratory analysis costs directly with DKV Luxembourg.
  • You will then automatically receive the service invoice with the information that DKV Luxembourg has paid the laboratory invoice here on yourDKV customer portal.

These three blood analyses are therefore free of charge for you. However, if you have further laboratory analyses performed that are not covered by the direct billing service, you will receive a laboratory invoice in which the advance payment of the statutory health insurance is already deducted. You can then submit the invoice to us as usual and receive the reimbursable amount according to the agreed rate.


If you have any questions regarding direct billing, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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