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Are you planning to travel abroad? Whether you’re going on holiday or for professional reasons, TRAVEL health insurance is essential if you want to enjoy your stay with peace of mind.
However, to benefit fully from its cover in the event of illness or accident, it is strongly recommended that you take out the insurance before you leave. 


Worldwide cover

You are insured while travelling in Europe and throughout the world.
Worldwide cover applies whenever you need it, wherever you are.

Take out insurance online

It couldn’t be simpler!
It’s easy to take out your international travel health insurance in just a few clicks.

Outpatient treatment

TRAVEL covers medical services, medicines and even physiotherapy.
Medical devices required following an accident during your stay are also covered.

Hospitalisation in first class

Inpatient treatment, operation costs and, if necessary, medical transport to hospital are covered.
In hospital, you are allocated accommodation in a single room.
As a parent, your accommodation costs in the event of inpatient treatment for a child (under 13) are also covered.

Dental treatment

Whether it is pain-relieving dental treatment or a medically required filling, you are covered even when compulsory health insurance does not pay out.

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Reimbursement of medical expenses

Thanks to the easyAPP mobile application and the easyAPP Home customer area, you can request reimbursement of your medical expenses, submit dental quotes or request cover for hospitalisation quickly and easily.

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