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In the event of a serious and potentially life-threatening illness, it is often urgent to consult a specialist as soon as possible. Our BEST CARE PREMIUM⁺ supplementary health cover ensures that you are fully insured, even in an emergency. Only we can guarantee you an appointment with a specialist within five working days (Mon - Fri). BEST CARE PREMIUM⁺ is included in EASY HEALTH, COMPLETE HEALTH and PLUS HEALTH and can be added to HOSPITAL HEALTH and COMPACT HEALTH.

Rapid care

You benefit from additional cover for rapid treatment by a specialist in an emergency.

Included in some of our packages

This cover is included in EASY HEALTH, COMPLETE HEALTH and PLUS HEALTH insurance policies.

Immediate assistance

You can be sure of immediate assistance in the event of serious or life-threatening illnesses.

Comprehensive cover

You are protected, for example, in the event of benign or malignant tumours, complications following accident-related injuries, heart disease, arterial vascular disease, spinal column disorders, etc.


BEST CARE+ by DKV Luxembourg

BEST CARE+ by DKV Luxembourg

Assistance immédiate en cas d'urgence


Extended cover


Apart from a short-term appointment with a specialist, we guarantee you a detailed recommendation or a second opinion on further treatment. If an operation is necessary, we'll organise the appointment for you! An exclusive service offered by DKV Luxembourg.