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An experienced and successful health specialist since 1981

DKV Luxembourg offers a range of services from minimum travel health insurance cover to comprehensive health insurance - both in Luxembourg and abroad.

Ongoing market analysis ensures customer satisfaction with the quality of the products and the company's adaptability to market developments. Customer needs, requirements and expectations determine the development of the products on offer. 

As a health specialist, DKV Luxembourg is a competent and trustworthy partner for all questions relating to health insurance, whether for private and/or professional clients.



As an insurer, DKV Luxembourg aims to enable as many people as possible to benefit from high-quality, affordable health insurance. Where necessary, tailor-made solutions adapted to customers' needs are offered.


DKV Luxembourg customers can opt for modular products, so they can be sure to pay only for the services they really need. The basis is a diagnosis and individual discussion with one of our qualified agents.

A continuous improvement process

Choosing health insurance is a decision for life. To make the right decision, customers need the help of competent contacts. That's why DKV Luxembourg attaches great importance to the ongoing training of its employees.


DKV Luxembourg is committed to having its fares constantly monitored by external, neutral experts. To ensure that its range of products and services is up to date, the company analyses customer needs, carries out market research and monitors the creation of new products, even across borders. 


DKV-Urban Trail


The DKV-Urban Trail is a race through nature and the city for runners of all ages who want to take part in a sporting adventure, whatever their performance or circumstances. José Azevedo, four-time Luxembourg marathon champion and third at the 2007 world trail championships, created the DKV-Urban Trail. The first DKV-Urban Trail got underway on 30 May 2010. It welcomed runners from Luxembourg and abroad over distances of 13, 18, 27 and 34 kilometres, as well as Nordic walkers over a distance of 13 km.


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