Comprehensive cover to fit your budget PLUS HEALTH


With PLUS HEALTH supplementary health insurance, you can protect yourself against the costs of illness, hospitalisation, outpatient treatment, dental care and optical care. Especially when compulsory health insurance covers only part of the costs or none at all. 


Hospitalisation in first class

In the event of hospitalisation, you’re in good hands! Inpatient treatment is covered. As a first-class patient in hospital, you get treated by a senior physician and receive a daily hospitalisation allowance of EUR 30.

Outpatient treatment

This cover includes not only medical services, but also physiotherapy and alternative treatment methods. Midwifery services are also included in the range of benefits.

Dental treatment

Reimbursement of dental treatment, scaling, dentures and orthodontics are covered even if compulsory health insurance does not pay out. 

Visual aids

Your new glasses or even contact lenses are reimbursed up to EUR 500 every two years. Alternately you can benefit from reimbursement of up to EUR 500 for laser eye surgery.

Optimum protection abroad

TRAVEL+ cover is automatically included in your policy. You are insured while travelling in Europe and throughout the world. In the event of accident or illness, the costs of treatment abroad are covered.





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Immediate assistance in the event of serious illness


The BEST CARE+ guarantee allows you to get an appointment with a specialist within five working days, a detailed recommendation or a second opinion in an emergency.  Furthermore, if an operation is required, the appointment is arranged for you.


Benefit from tax deductions


Your health insurance premiums are tax-deductible (in accordance with Article 111 L.I.R.), allowing you to pay less tax on your income. Each year, the deductible amount is shown on the tax certificate that DKV Luxembourg provides free of charge at the beginning of the year.


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Claim your healthcare reimbursements in a few clicks


Thanks to the easyAPP mobile application and the easyAPP Home customer area, you can request reimbursement of your medical expenses, submit dental quotes or request cover for hospitalisation quickly and easily.


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