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How do I file invoices for reimbursement?

Send your documents to:

DKV Luxembourg S.A.
B.P. 845
L–2018 Luxembourg

or simply by way of the mobile application easyAPP or the easyAPP customer portal. Please always indicate your insurance number in a clearly visible manner. To help us process your documents, please do not staple them or use paper clips. Please note the following that we can process your claim immediately: In the case of full insurance, we require the originals of the invoices. In case of supplementary insurance, proof of reimbursement is sufficient for us if advance payment has been made my the CNS. EXCEPTION: For all dental treatment and treatment received abroad, we require a copy of the invoice in addition to the CNS proof of reimbursement. In the case of advance payment by all other statutory health insurance schemes (also from abroad), we require a copy of the invoice and proof of reimbursement from the statutory health insurance scheme. Please submit the originals of invoices that are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.