Frequently Asked Questions

DKV Luxembourg can offer you a comprehensive range of private health insurance plans, from travel health insurance via supplementary insurance and loss of earnings insurance for self-employed persons through to a comprehensive health insurance.

A private comprehensive health insurance will provide you with high-quality insurance coverage. Its all-round protection offers all the advantages enjoyed by private patients at the doctor, dentist or hospital – regardless of the payments from statutory health insurance and throughout Europe.

In Luxembourg, the entire working population is compulsorily insured by statutory health insurance. The statutory insurance payments nearly always require contributions from the patient’s own funds, be it for a visit to the doctor, a dental prosthesis or aids such as glasses, for example. A supplementary insurance from DKV Luxembourg can help you bridge this gap. This applies to all persons who are statutorily insured in Luxembourg as well as officials of the European Union.

If you need to stay in hospital as an inpatient, you should not be required to make any sacrifices. But this is often linked with extra costs. A hospital per diem insurance will help you cover these by providing you with the agreed daily allowance for every day of your inpatient treatment.

Self-employed persons or freelancers can also fall ill all of a sudden and be unable to work. This will normally lead to a loss of income. A loss of earnings insurance from DKV Luxembourg S.A. can help you make up for this.

The risk of illness knows no borders. Travel health insurance provides optimal healthcare coverage when travelling to other countries or to Luxembourg from abroad.

As the largest provider of private health insurance in Luxembourg, we can offer you flexible solutions that are perfectly tailored to the specific needs of the respective company, its employees, and any specific wishes you may have.

The premiums depend on the insurance policy concerned and the age at which it was taken out. We will gladly draw up an offer for you.

If you would like a personal consultation or to be provided with an offer, please call us at: +352/42 64 64-1 or send us an e-mail.

With our insurance policies for medical expenses, you will be covered throughout Europe, i.e. also including countries that are not members of the EU (e.g. Switzerland). Insurance cover is also provided for the first month of a temporary stay in non-European countries without the need for specific agreements. If you are planning a longer stay outside the EU, please get in touch – we can also offer you solutions for this.

Waiting periods are designed to prevent that the community of the insured is burdened with expenditures immediately after a policy is taken out. A distinction is made between general and specific waiting periods. The general waiting periods amount to three months from the commencement of the policy, but do not apply for treatments required because of an accident. The specific waiting periods for childbirth, psychotherapy, dental treatment, dentures and orthodontics amount to eight months from the commencement of the policy. The general waiting periods can be waived under certain circumstances (e.g. upon presentation of a doctor’s certificate or based on a previous insurance).

With our comprehensive insurance policies for medical expenses you can select a deductible per calendar year. This means that you need to pay your own bills up to an agreed deductible amount (currently 800 euros for adults), while we will cover any amounts over and beyond this as agreed in the policy. The deductible serves to reduce the premium payable for the selected insurance policy.

Hospital stays are usually disconcerting and can be associated with a great financial burden. To avoid this, you should inform DKV Luxembourg SA as soon as possible in case of an inpatient treatment so that the cost coverage can be sorted out. If you are planning a hospital stay, we would recommend that you always contact us before the start of the treatment. Many hospitals in the greater region settle their accommodation costs directly with us, so that no advance outlays will be required from you.

Send your documents to:

DKV Luxembourg S.A.
B.P. 845
L–2018 Luxembourg

or simply by way of the yourDKV customer portal. Please always state your insurance number in a clearly visible manner. It will help us process your claim if you refrain from using staples or paperclips for your documents. Please comply with the following requirements to ensure prompt processing of your claim: With comprehensive insurance policies we need to be provided with the original invoices. If the statutory health insurance covers part of the bill (for example in case of a supplementary insurance policy), a copy of the invoice and reimbursement record from the statutory health insurance will do. Please also submit the originals of invoices that are not reimbursed by the statutory health insurance.

Dental treatments are general dental, prophylactic, conservative and surgical treatments provided by a dentist, but also include treatments for disorders of the oral mucosa and parodontium (periodontal apparatus). Another example for dental treatments are plastic fillings, e.g. acrylic fillings. Dental prostheses include crowns, bridges, dentures and implants.

Before the start of the treatment, ask your dentist to provide you with an itemized cost estimate (treatment and cost schedule). This gives you an overview of the expected costs of the treatment. This cost estimate first needs to be sent to the statutory health insurance. We also recommend this if you hold a comprehensive insurance policy for medical expenses because it might reduce your deductible. You will next need to send us the cost estimate as approved by the statutory health insurer, whereupon we will promptly notify you about the cost coverage by DKV.

Your inability to work needs to be reported to DKV immediately, but no later than three days after the agreed commencement of payments. In this case DKV will send you the required documents. Payment of the daily sickness allowance can commence as soon as we have been provided with all the documents.

The claim to insurance payments lapses 3 years from the first day of treatment specified in the invoice concerned.

Coverage begins with the date specified in the policy (insurance commencement), but not before the conclusion of the insurance contract – i.e. not before the insurance policy has been signed by both contracting parties – and not before the expiry of waiting periods. Insured events occurring before the commencement of the insurance cover will not be covered. Insured events occurring after the insurance contract has been entered into are only excluded from the obligatory cover to the extent in which they occur in the period before the insurance commences or in waiting periods.

All certificates (e.g. premium certificate, certificate for the employer, etc.) can basically be requested from DKV Luxembourg in writing by mail, fax or e-mail form, or by telephone, or simply via the yourDKV customer portal.

Will DKV Luxembourg provide me with a new insurance certificate or insurance card when they are lost? If an insurance certificate or insurance card is lost, a new certificate or card can be requested from DKV Luxembourg by telephone or in writing by mail, fax or e-mail, stating the insurance number.

Amendments of  the insurance contract must be in writing. Contacting DKV Luxembourg beforehand to discuss and clarify the requested change and attendant conditions and formalities in person would be meaningful. Please contact us by telephone (+352/42 64 64-801), by mail, fax or email (

The married spouse of a person who has been insured with DKV Luxembourg for a minimum of three months can take out a private health insurance from DKV Luxembourg without waiting periods. The application must be filed within two months after the marriage, however. Our contract personnel and DKV field agents will gladly help you if you have any further questions.

Newborns can be privately health insured at DKV Luxembourg without waiting periods or medical check-ups if one parent has been insured with DKV Luxembourg S.A. for a minimum of three months. The application must be filed by the insured person within two months after the birth of the child. The insurance cover of the child must not be higher or more comprehensive than that of the insured parent. Additional insurance for children can also be taken out if children are adopted. In this case a deadline of two months after the adoption date applies. The registration form is available in our download centre. Our contract personnel and your DKV field agent will gladly help you if you have any further questions.

Apart from monthly payment, quarterly, semi-annual (2% discount) and annual (3% discount) payment is also possible. Payments can be made by bank transfer (stating your insurance number) to an account of DKV Luxembourg or by direct debit.

SEPA direct debit mandate form for private clients
SEPA direct debit mandate form for corporate clients

BGL: IBAN LU31 0030 0206 1888 0000 SWIFT: BGLLLULL
BCEE: IBAN LU40 0019 1655 0409 4000 SWIFT: BCEELULL
CCP: IBAN LU17 1111 0747 6777 0000 SWIFT: CCPLLULL

These changes must always be communicated in writing by e-mail, fax or mail, stating the insurance number. If the bank account for the premium debit process changes, we will always need this direct debit order in writing in the original for forwarding it to your bank.

SEPA direct debit mandate form for private clients
SEPA direct debit mandate form for corporate clients

An insurance for medical expenses is initially taken out for a period of two years. The first insurance year commences on the date specified in the insurance policy and ends on December 31 of that year. The following insurance years coincide with the calendar years. Insurance contracts can be terminated from the end of the insurance year (i.e. on December 31 of any year, but not before the end of the second year of insurance) with a notice period of 30 days. The notice has to be received by DKV Luxembourg by December 1 of the respective year at the latest.
A daily sickness allowance insurance is initially taken out for a period of one year. The insurance year commences on the date specified in the insurance policy and ends after 12 months. Insurance contracts can be terminated from the end of the insurance year with a notice period of 30 days. The termination must always be in writing and signed by the policy holder.

A group contract basically provides all the members of a pre-defined group that is distinguished by a common characteristic (e.g. the employees of a company) with obligatory coverage. A premium tariff will be actuarially calculated specifically for this group.

Yes, under the condition that all employees are insured. The same applies to the relatives of the employees who can also be co-insured in the group contract.

A group contract will under certain conditions enable you to insure all your employees without a medical check-up and without waiting periods. The acceptance of all employees is therefore guaranteed. Favourable premiums thanks to a group discount.

The minimum requirement for a group contract are 10 insured employees.

Yes. The insurance premiums are fully tax-deductible as business expenses.

In this case the employee is no longer insured under the group contract. It is also advisable to agree on an “entitlement” within a group contract. This will enable the continuation of an equivalent insurance coverage on an individual basis without additional medical check-ups if a person leaves the group

All the DKV Luxembourg policies for medical expenses are available. Group contracts as a rule concern an extension of the health insurance to various insurable events that are not covered by the statutory health insurance at all, or only in parts. Additional features such as screenings, check-ups or travel health insurance can also be selected.

You as the employer simply inform us about the new employees and DKV will create a corresponding invoice on the basis of this information. The same applies to employees leaving.

If you would like a personal consultation or to be sent an offer, please call us at: +352/42 64 64-700 or e-mail us at: